Which type of boat best suits your needs?

At a minimum, all boats have Bimini tops to keep you cool. They are also equipped with orange “string type” life vests, however, we also rent ‘water play’ 3 or 4 buckle ski vests. We are insured for water sports.

Boat Offerings:

  • Tritoon Pontoons have 3 ‘tubes’ underneath so they are more fuel efficient than 2 tube pontoons and can actually partially “bank” a turn (thus more maneuverable).  However, they ARE pontoons, and as such they pretty much turn like battleships.  Our Tritoons with “lifting strakes” (that significantly enlarge the surface area in contact with the water) can plane quickly and easily maintain speeds around 15 MPH while remaining “on plane”. These low speeds are ideal to take young children tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, etc. Pontoons are great as a party platform for cruising/anchoring with large numbers of people, or fishing.   Even though our pontoon boats have ample horsepower for water sports, I do not suggest them if that is going to be their primary use. 
  • The 225 HP OB 23′ 12 passenger Deck Boats are spacious with a full 8 ½’ in width and square-ish in the front to make them even more roomy.  They have a swim platform on the front and a ladder (also one on the stern). They are low to the water and ideal for water sports and cruising.  We suggest discharging and taking on passengers at the bow swim platform, far from the motor.  Our customers also find that front platform ideal for helping children get situated into their ski or wakeboard boots.  These boats are easy to get down into from the dock as well, with small ‘steps’ rather than the significant drop off you encounter when going over the gunnel of a ‘run-about’.  Plenty of power to pull up a skier, even with a crowd in the boat. 
  • Our 150 HP OB Hurricane Deck boats are 18-19′ long and carry 10 passengers.  Full 8 ½’ wide and rounded bow make them very roomy as well.  All have front swim platforms.  Our customers have called them ‘cute’.  They can be set up to fish (with optional captain’s chair or chairs), cruise or ski.

We now provide tow harnesses for all boats, so it is not necessary for you to purchase one of our $15 tubing ropes, but we still highly recommend them.  Our ropes break under extreme stress, while commercially available ropes have 3000# to 4000# break strength.  Use our rope, hopefully it breaks when appropriate and protects your equipment.  If it does break, just tie it back together & go on your way… 

VADR Boat Training Videos

The videos linked below are to watch and understand both personal watercraft and power boat safety.

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