Water Sports Life Vests: $5/day with a maximum charge of $18/week each (sizing listed below) .  No additional security deposit.

  • Infants 0-30lbs
  • Vest Child- (30-50lbs)
  • Vest Child-(50-90lbs)
  • Vest X-Small (90-110lbs)
  • Vest SM/MD (100-135lbs)
  • Vest Large/XL (140-190lbs)
  • Universal (130-175lbs)
  • Vests 2XL-3XL (200-230lbs)
  • Vests 4XL (230+ lbs)

Tubing Ropes:  purchase for $15; If you are going to pull a tube with one of our boats you must use one of our ropes or a “bridle”.  The ‘ski eye’ is not designed to handle the pressure that commercially available tube ropes will allow (3000# to 4000#).  If you buy a tube from us, it comes with a rope.  Our thin floating ropes are designed to break (1000# rated) before the tube is uncomfortably jerked out from under your riders, or there is damage to equipment.  Sometimes in
boat traffic you need to make a sharp turn, which causes slack in the line & the tube to slow or stop, come off a plane and sink into the water.
If that happens an almost stationary tube can be jerked by a 20 MPH boat… 

Alternatively, sometimes kids will be too far forward on the tube when you start up – and the front of the tube goes under water like a submarine. Either
situation could easily create thousands of pounds of “pull” that could damage the tube or our boat (which is your responsibility).  Our rope should
break, which is what you want…stop & tie it…  go on your way again…

Skis: $90 for up to 6 days, $50 additional SD, comes with ski rope. We have regular and training skis for all ages / sizes
including a floating ski for young children. 

Purchase (not rent) Tubes, with above rope: $195 for a 2-passenger heavy duty flat tube, $260 for a 2 person sit-in tube, rent
or buy is the same price, so keep it!  Remember safe tubing speeds, 18 to 20 mph, less for young children.   

Wakeboards:  $135    $75 additional security deposit.  One Size Fits All.

Kneeboards:   $95    $50 additional security deposit. Two sizes available: Adult and Youth. (See sizes
in attached pictures)  Our kneeboards have a small ‘catch’ in the front that holds the rope while the rider gets situated.  Our kids were all able
to use it their first time out! 

Here is a quick 1-minute YouTube tutorial on how to kneeboard! It is accommodating for all ages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaZnnglY7Nc 

Versaboard:  $85      $50 additional security deposit. Recommended for ages 6-12 or 5’2 or shorter/110 max weight.

We are a boat rental company.  For your convenience we inexpensively provide the above additional items.  Above
prices are for equipment arranged well in advance for delivery and return with the provided watercraft.  They are substantially lower than what you would
pay if you drove to a marina or retail rental store. We do not maintain a large inventory the way the rental shops do, nor are we staffed or equipped for late
orders, or to make repairs (though we may do our best to provide what you want).  

  • Any orders placed after funds are finalized, or the rental agreement has been sent out to the field (up to a week ahead of your rental) may be subject to a maximum 25% surcharge, minimum $30. So please decide what you need ahead of time, so it can be logged on the calendar & RA, paid for, and communicated to the field crew in a timely manner.
  • If what we deliver isn’t going to be used for any reason, let us know promptly ([email protected] or 804.285.7771) and we will credit you the full cost of the affected equipment plus tax. That is all we are prepared to do. 

Call us at 804.285.7771 or Email Us