Refund Policy:

For boats & jet skis there is also a pick-up/delivery charge of $105 (Public side, East of the 208 Bridge) or $135 (West of the 208 Bridge). There is also 5.3% Virginia sales tax and a $600 damage deposit. 

Our minimum is a 3-day rental for boats and 2 days for jet skis.  For 3-day rentals, we frequently look to rent the first half of the week before considering a rental for the second half – or we could end up only renting 3 days that week.  We offer over 20% off when you rent for 6 days (pay for around 4 ¾ days, get 6). For rentals less than 6 days we provide the boat for the number of full calendar days you requested.

For a 6-day “week” a customer with a Sunday to Sunday rental house would have a boat a minimum of Monday to Saturday.  We find that customers don’t use the boat much on their arrival or departure day, so there’s no need to pay for a 7th day. Sometimes scheduling is tight, so we guarantee to provide the boat before noon on your first rental day, and the earliest we’d pick it up is 4 p.m. on your last rental day. We will ask for your approximate lake house arrival and departure times to allow us to schedule you to have the boat as long as possible.

Cancellation Policy:

Please consider that with Lake Anna homes renting Fri. to Fri., Sat. to Sat., and Sun. to Sun., we piece our schedule together as boats are booking and removing a piece from the ‘puzzle’ can be problematic. So please consider this a booking and not a ‘reservation’.

  • Any/all cancellations are subject to a $300 fee.
  • Summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day): Refunded to you or carried forward (your choice) if canceled 2 months prior to your rental start date.
  • Off season:  Same, but 2 weeks prior.
  • With less notice than 2 months’ (or 2 weeks in the off season) notice, we’ll do our best to re-rent your equipment, so the sooner you let us know the better!  Our boats are VERY popular, and to date we’ve typically been able to re-rent equipment.  To the extent we re-rent your boat or jet ski we will refund or carry forward your payments.
  • Naturally, if you have paid in full, we’ll refund your deposit, what you’ve paid for any ‘extra’ equipment (skis, vests and the like) as well as any associated taxes.
  • There are no refunds for weather.
  • COVID-19, or other similar ‘acts of God’:  If Virginia shuts us down we’ll issue a refund or carry forward your funds (your choice) to a future rental.

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