(9) 50+ MPH jet skis, 3 person, $420/day to $585/day, lower daily cost if you keep it longer

Our jet skis are the 50+ mph Sea Doo GTX’s and Yamaha Wave Riders.  Jet Skis come with 3 safety vests.

They are all 3 passenger models, capable of 50+ mph and can easily pull a skier or tube. Keep in mind that the 3 person capacity includes those towed, so typically you have a driver, a spotter, and a skier or ‘tuber’. We also bring an anchored buoy, so we can anchor it in about 3’ or water in front of your home. We’ve specifically selected these because they are the best riding jet skis available. Very stable, yet fun to ride.

$585/day for 2 days=$1170 (pls remember-our ‘delivery charge’ offsets only a small part of our delivery cost)
$535/day for 3 days=$1605 (please remember that our jet skis are better)
$485/day for 4 days=$1940
$450/day for 5 days=$2250
$420/day for 6 days=$2520
If you’ve ever rented jet skis before, these are obviously VERY good prices

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