All boats have Bimini tops to keep you cool and are equipped with orange “string type” life vests, but we also inexpensively rent ‘water play’ 3 or 4 buckle ski vests. We are insured for water sports. Boat details & other company info follows.

Tritoon Pontoons have 3 ‘tubes’ underneath so they are more fuel efficient than 2 tube pontoons and can actually partially “bank” a turn (thus more maneuverable). However, they ARE pontoons, and as such they pretty much turn like battleships. Our Tritoons with “lifting strakes” (that significantly enlarge the surface area in contact with the water) can plane quickly and easily maintain speeds around 15 MPH while remaining “on plane”. These low speeds are ideal to take young children tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, etc. Pontoons are great as a party platform for cruising/anchoring with large numbers of people, or fishing. Even though our pontoon boats have ample horsepower for water sports, I do not suggest them if that is going to be their primary use.

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